Sunday, March 26, 2006

How Democrats Treat Our Heroes

Sometimes democrats can't help but act out. This case is especially despicable.

The heartbroken family of a fallen Bay State soldier was devastated yesterday to find his memorial defaced by callous anti-war vandals who scrawled “Oil” and “Christian Crusade” on a sign commemorating his sacrifice.

“I was enraged,” said Lou Petithory, whose son Daniel, 32, was killed in Afghanistan Dec. 5, 2001. “My main concern is that my son’s memory was attacked.”

But they "support the troops" right?

Can we question their patriotism yet?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The person or persons who did this dastardly deed should be brought to justice, punished by death. Instant Death is too good for them, they should die a long slow painful death. If our country would just one time show the world that we will not stand for deeds such as this, it may have an effect on future similar events. They have no patriotism-they are evil. Hell is too good for them.BLAKE

March 26, 2006 8:30 AM  

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