Wednesday, May 24, 2006

All This Time You Thought I Was Exaggerating

The democrats in Michigan have taken out the words "America" and "Americans" from their public schools.

Censoring the word "America" from our own schools is something Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden would never have thought possible. Michigan has done it without a whimper.

In perhaps a well-intentioned, but pernicious example of political correctness, the Michigan Department of Education is attempting to ban the "America" and "American" from our public schools. Even though the word "America" appears in the department's own civics and government benchmarks, the department's style protocol for the Michigan Education Assessment Program requires that "America" and "Americans" be expunged from our testing and grade level expectations. Last week, the department ordered that our hard-working teachers not utter the words.

We're all 'North Americans'

The Department of Education asserts that "Americans" includes Mexicans, Canadians and others in the Western Hemisphere, so referring to U.S. residents as Americans is inappropriate. In the department's view, "America" happens to include South, Central and North America. Accordingly, when referring to the colonial period, the state bureaucracy requires teachers to refer to "the colonies of North America" or "North Americans." After the American Revolution, the nation is called the United States (not of America). a

Can you imagine having such a vicious hatred of your own country that you won't even utter the words "America" or "Americans?"

Can we now recognize that democrats are out to destroy this country in any way possible? Now do you see why I call public schools "government re-education camps?"

All I can say is God help us if these kooks regain power!


I was going to wait to hear more but I got a comment from a left wing kook so I'll post what we know. While the Michigan DOE has issued a feeble "denial" there is obviously much more to this story. As you can see this article shows that the Michigan DOE has indeed banned the word "America" from social studies testing. And this happend a decade ago.

Michigan’s politically correct bureaucrats almost killed the use of “America” in social studies classes. Fortunately, state school Superintendent Mike Flanagan says he is stopping this nonsense. But taxpayers and parents must remain vigilant against this dumbing down of our students.

The problem began 10 years ago. That’s when the Michigan Department of Education eliminated the use of “America” and “Americans” on its Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) social studies testing, according to Karen Todorov, the department’s social studies consultant.

As she has made clear in e-mails and other statements, Todorov says it is “ethnocentric” for educators to refer to Americans when Canadians and residents from Central and South America are also Americans.

Department spokesman Martin Ackley defended the practice Tuesday by saying it was part of a national trend of being “more historically accurate.” He used the hypothetical example of a transfer student from Mexico getting confused if the MEAP test referred to America. ...

The issue became even sillier last week when Todorov told a meeting of the Michigan Social Studies Supervisors Association that officials should tell their teachers not to use “America” or “Americans.”

“We use the United States after the founding of the nation, and before that ‘the colonies of North America’ or ‘North Americans,’” she wrote in an e-mail. ...

Now that this exercise in political correctness has been exposed, Flanagan properly promises that “America” and “American” won’t be banned. He says Todorov’s statements have been “misconstrued.”

But this, too, is revisionist history — as demonstrated by the department’s initial defense of excluding “America” from the MEAP test and Todorov’s vigorous defense of the philosophy on Frank Beckmann’s WJR radio show.

Flanagan may soft pedal her comments as an innocent “conversation,” but they had the blunt force of the state behind them. That explains why educators we talked to Wednesday were reluctant to go on the record — for fear of angering state officials.

It’s fine that Flanagan has promised that this will stop. But the proof of his convictions will be in his actions, not in his words. His department should restore the use of “America” on the social studies MEAP test. And perhaps he should keep a better eye on what his officials and consultants are up to when they think no one is looking.

What's obvious is that the DOE wasn't expecting such a backlash from their obvious anti-American agenda and have bactracked from banning the word "America" and "Americans" throughout the entire school system.

Hat tip: Little green footballs


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never knew Miohigan was so backward. They are not one of the original 13 colonies but they did ratify the constitution in 1837. They have had a downward spiral for the past 169 years. Someone needs to show these dumbheads which end is up. Our country is "going to the dogs" so to speak. Only difference is that dogs will at least wag their tails when happy and the Wolverines will only go around degrading what they once believed in. Shame on all you Michiganders. I have no plans to visit your evil state and if I did, you bet I would cancel them. FAST. Get real you dumbasses. BLAKE

May 24, 2006 6:22 PM  
Blogger The Decider said...

Check your sources, they jumped the gun on this story, you gonna post a retraction...didnt think so

May 26, 2006 1:07 PM  
Anonymous Les said...

I think this story is more a case of "political correctness gone wild" than actual "anti-Americanism". I think you can agree that "Americans", taken literally, should include everyone living in North AND South America.

That said, "America" has ALWAYS referred to the States within the context of the accepted vernacular, as far as I know. Seems silly to redefine a linguistic shortcut that's already internationally accepted in the first place.

June 03, 2006 5:14 AM  

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