Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obama To Outlaw Fishing?

Looks like it could happen:

The Obama administration has ended public input for a federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing some of the nation's oceans, coastal areas, Great Lakes, and even inland waters.

This announcement comes at the time when the situation supposedly still is "fluid" and the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force still hasn't issued its final report on zoning uses of these waters.

Fishing industry insiders, who have negotiated for months with officials at the Council on Environmental Quality and bureaucrats on the task force, had grown concerned that the public input would not be taken into account.

"In spite of what we hear daily in the press about the President's concern for jobs and the economy and contrary to what he stated in the June order creating this process, we have seen no evidence from NOAA or the task force that recreational fishing and related jobs are receiving any priority."

Unless more anglers speak up to their Congressional representatives so their input will be considered, it appears the task force will issue a final report for "marine spatial planning" by late March. President Barack Obama then could possibly issue an Executive Order to implement its recommendations.

Even I don't think Obama could be that stupid but we all know he's a far left wing fanatic and if he believes fish are hurt then he may just outlaw fishing altogether.


Anonymous Linda said...

What's next? Chickens, Cows, Pigs?
What are the idiots thinking? Sounds like it won't be long until all meat sources will be removed from our diet. We took our children and grandchildren fishing as soon as they were old enough to hold a fishing pole. How sad to think that priviledge could be taken away. The kids of the future will never know the simple pleasures we have all enjoyed. Next thing you know it will be illegal to pick up pecans from the tree or pick a wonderful apple from the old apple tree.

March 11, 2010 10:35 AM  
Blogger Jane said...

Another one of the democrats crazy ideas, and I do mean crazy. What about the boys and girls who go fishing with parents, will both child and parent be indicted? What's next on the plate of the "The One"? At times I wonder if I'm still living in America? Change is all around us, not Good change Bad change. The state could raise money by fining everyone who fishes. It's all about MONEY. Nothing else.

March 11, 2010 8:20 PM  

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