Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tawana Brawley Part 2

What do you get when you have an out of control DA who is pandering for the Black vote during an election year? "Tawana Brawley South" and a bunch of college kids who will never get their reputations back. Seems the fact that the DA was able to get a couple of sealed indictments has turned even once semi intelligent people into raving moonbats. I for one am not inclined to believe a democrat DA in a political struggle during an election year so easily. Let's review the facts that we know.

First lets take a look at an interview given by the Security Guard who was at the scene when the 911 call took place. Since no one else is reporting this, the Security Guard is a FEMALE.

The Kroger security guard had a similar impression of the woman, according to interviews she gave to attorneys representing the lacrosse players. The guard said neither the woman nor the driver of the car -- she also was a dancer at the lacrosse team party -- said anything about a sexual assault or about anything being taken from them.

"Was it your opinion, being a normal person, that anybody there acted like they'd been assaulted or raped?" investigators for the defense attorneys asked the guard.

"No. I mean, she was out of it. I mean, ain't no way," the guard replied. But she also noted that the woman didn't smell of alcohol.

Does anyone else wonder why this hasn't been widely reported? And then we have this report from the police on the scene.

DURHAM, N.C. -- A woman who claims she was raped by three members of Duke University's men's lacrosse team was described as "just passed-out drunk" by one of the first police officers to see her, according to a recording of radio traffic released Thursday

The officer gave the dispatcher the police code for an intoxicated person. When asked whether the woman needed medical help, the officer said: "She's breathing and appears to be fine. She's not in distress. She's just passed out drunk."

If this was "only" a "he said she said" case this in and of itself is pretty damning to the strippers claim of being raped. But wait, did I also mention that the DNA results were all negative for each and every member of the Duke Lacrosse team?

You would think that we would have learned something during the 19 years since the Tawana Brawley hoax. But evidently as long as the "victim" is a minority and the "accusors" are white some people will believe anything. I can't help but wonder if Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Alton Maddox, and C. Vernon Mason were members of the grand jury?

I wonder what all the race hustlers and women who believe every case of rape will have to say when the DA is disbarred and the stripper arrested for bringing false charges? My bet, nothing, they'll just move on to the next perceived "injustice" done to minorities or women. My only question is, where do these young men go to get their reputations back? This case will follow them for the rest of their lives. I suppose a couple of ruined reputations is fine by the feminists and race baiters as long as it serves their cause in some way.

This country will never come together when it comes to race or gender as long as people believe these racist bigots like Al Sharpton and pandering DA's like Mike Nifong.

UPDATE: It appears the charade will be playing out to its conclusion. Two of the Lacrosse members turned themselves in overnight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for an in-depth look at the injustice of our legal system. As a woman, it is always surprising to me how any woman can lie about what she knows to be a lie. I believe it is done for 2 reasons: 1. Publicity and 2. Money. Publicity causes her name to be well known and Money will come pouring in from the do-gooders who mistakenly send funds to be used against the innocent. I hope justice will rule in the end but we as citizens cannot control what is sometimes out of control. Jane

April 18, 2006 8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CBS lies again. Quite a difference in the words "turned themselves in" and "police arrested." Lee

April 19, 2006 8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless you keep it up kemperman

April 19, 2006 8:56 PM  

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