Monday, October 02, 2006

What's Happened In The Last 60 Years?

I watched a bit of War Stories with Oliver North on Fox last night. It was a special focusing on professional baseball players who served in World War II. The attack at Pearl Harbour killed about 2,500 Americans but a little known fact is that of those 2,500 "only" 68 were civilians.

Bob Feller, the great pitcher from the Cleveland Indians was asked by Colonel North why he signed up and if anyone was angry at him for doing so. His answer was simple yet profound. After explaining that some were not exactly "happy" about him volunteering everyone understood that it was his obligation to fight for his country. Not once did he mention President Roosevelt, Mr. Feller didn't need the President to tell him why he had to fight. He saw the country he loved under attack and he knew what he had to do. Nor did Mr Feller mention the numerous blunders made by the Roosevelt administration during the war, he understood the need to take the fight to the enemy. I have no idea if the 8 time all star was a democrat or a Republican and at that time I'm sure it didn't matter. We were all Americans.

My how things have changed over the next few generations. On September 11th 2001 more than 2,900 civilians were slaughtered right here in the homeland by a vicious enemy. During World War II there were millions of "Bob Fellers" and in this war we had someone similar to Mr. Feller, his name was Pat Tillman. He left his million dollar football contract with the Arizona Cardinals and joined the army. As we all know Mr. Tillman was killed in Afghanistan. What I want to concentrate on is how the party of Franklin D. Roosevelt treated Pat Tillman who felt the need to defend the country he loved that was under attack. How about this title from democrat Rene Gonzalez?

Pat Tillman is not a hero: He got what was coming to him

Or how about this headline from democrat Kurt Nimmo?

The CIA Killed Pat Tillman

I wonder what kind of headlines there would have been if Bob Feller had been killed during World War II? What has happened to the democrat party? Even with the infiltration of communists in the party during the late 40's to the late 60's they weren't nearly as viciously anti-American as they are now. Are democrats so partisan that they will only fight if a fellow democrat is president? Would they even fight then? If Al Gore were President and he declared war on Iraq would the democrats have a different opinion on the war? Or is their anti -Americanism too entreched?

Could you imagine an entire party demanding the impeachment of Roosevelt because he invaded Algeria as he was chasing the Germans? Well, that's what democrats are doing now that Bush invaded Iraq chasing al Qaeda leader Zarqawi and his fellow terrorists. After listening to Bob Feller it's almost inconceivable that democrats would yell and scream about weapons of mass destruction when we are in fact chasing down and killing the enemy. What's more important, the fact that we were mistaken about the weapons of mass destruction or the fact that we're killing the enemy?

This country is infected with a cancer and it's called liberalism. This cancer has found a host in the democrat party. We'll never be cured until this cancer is eradicated. I just hope and pray that the democrat party implodes before they do anymore damage and more Americans are sacrificed at their alter of political correctness.


Anonymous Jane said...

e60 years ago patriotism was doing fine and continued to be fine until the infiltration of communists, democrats with communistic ideals, and a media that turned against itself at the end of WW II. During the war we hears positive comments every day on the radio, read about it in the papers and when tv came into being we still heard some good old fashioned patriotism talked about. Much has changed in 60 years, 60 years ao we went to bed with unlocked windows and doors, I remember thos day with fondness and no one ever thought of being afraid. Never heard of anything happening that would frighten people so many years ago. Today we set the alarm with all windows and doors locked and bolted. No trust in anyone anymore. While we didn't have the niceties of today we had something called old fashioned Patriotism and it was everywhere.

October 02, 2006 4:51 PM  
Anonymous Les said...

"This country is infected with a cancer and it's called liberalism."

Respectfully, could you give me your definition of liberalism? I get the feeling you believe "liberal" automatically implies someone burns flags, marches in gay pride rallies, spends their days and nights bashing all things Republican, etc. If so, I think that's a vast - and ultimately tragic - misinterpretation of the concept, CJ.

Think about it - some of the greatest accomplishments in history have been liberal ideas. Emancipation was a liberal concept - championed by a Republican president. Civil rights was a liberal concept - championed by mostly Republicans. Heck, the very idea to set sail and find a brand new world was, at its very core, a LIBERAL idea! What made these examples liberal, you ask? Simple - these examples challenged the status quo in the hopes of building a better world. There's no such thing as a partisan tag for progress, CJ. I, for one, could care less where a good idea comes from - if I like it, I'll support it.

So I guess it begs the question - if you and I were to sit down, grab a couple beers, and make a legitimate, good faith effort to understand each other's points of view, how in the world could that be a bad thing? How could you possibly look me in the face and tell me my entire belief structure is a "cancer" to this country? I think you have a tendency to operate from the assumption that YOU speak for America, hence everyone else is "anti-American". But hold on a sec - you're forgetting there's a MASSIVE contingent of American citizens who don't share your politics, CJ. Aren't they America, too? Aren't I?

So before we get too crazy and start trashing the idea of "liberalism", let's first be sure what we're talking about here. Otherwise, you're painting your opposition with rather broad strokes, which leaves alot of room for the unfair demonization of legitimate, informed political debate.

Can we agree on THAT point, at least?

October 03, 2006 8:11 PM  

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