Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama's Church Bulletin

Here's a random church bulletin where B. Hussein Obama attends. Here is just a sample:

I use his words today on the third Sunday
of a New Year to keep before you the painful
truth of who we are and where it is we are in
this racist United States of America!
goin’ on?

The reality, however, is that the entire war in
Iraq and the larger “war on terror” have been
based on lies, half-truths and distortions to
serve the agenda of the United States imperialism.

Where is the public outcry? Where is the
outrage? What’s goin’ on?

Can't you just see the love being preached from this racist bigoted church? For some reason I don't think God would appreciate the hate being spewed by this so called "pastor."


Anonymous Liz said...

That bulletin was geared more toward hate and politics than christianity. I think Obama's pastor is absolutely insane. The video of him saying "God damn America" said it all. He is so evil and he's no pastor....he's a hate monger.

March 16, 2008 5:12 PM  
Anonymous lee said...

This pastor definitely has a vendetta against President Bush and is using the church to get his message to the public. This is the south side of Chicago - what else would you expect? Jesse Jackson, Black Panthers, riots, etc. etc. all arose in the south side of Chicago. This pastor is an evil man who apparently does not know God. I lived many years in Chicago western suburb area and nothing has changed and probably never will change.

March 16, 2008 9:46 PM  
Anonymous ray said...

That's a crazy preacher. He does not even have religion.

March 17, 2008 7:51 AM  
Anonymous jl said...

This wicked preacher should find another vocation, he is not fit to teach about God. He could surely find a place to work that does not involve christianity.

March 18, 2008 6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You writing his name as B.Hussein Obama is for what effect?

As if he could have chosen his middle name, given by his white mother, being that he's named after his Kenyan father.


March 19, 2008 9:07 AM  

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