Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Democrat Corruption

Of course you don't see any of this on abc,cbs,nbc,msnbc,cnn,etc...If it were 12 Republicans it would lead every newscast for months.

A SORDID TANGLE of corruption, cash and sex rocked the Statehouse yesterday in a political scandal that left one current and one former legislator and 10 current and former staff members facing criminal charges.

Among the accusations leveled by two state grand juries: Former top legislative staffer Mike Manzo got his lover, a twenty-something former rural beauty queen, a $29,000 job and $7,000 bonus mostly for doing her schoolwork.

State Attorney General Tom Corbett announced the charges against the 12, all Democrats, in a news conference in Harrisburg.

"It's a very sad day in Pennsylvania," Corbett said.

The long-running investigation began with a Harrisburg Patriot-News story about secret bonuses to legislative employees. The 12 are accused of using public funds to finance political activities, a vacation, meals for friends and Manzo's no-show job
for his girlfriend.

Please leave a note in the comment section if you see any of this on any of the news networks.


Anonymous jane said...

Have not heard about this in the news. Too bad we have so much corruption in politics, but that is where most corruption occurs.

July 15, 2008 8:03 AM  
Anonymous lee said...

I have not seen this. It is hush hush. Not on tv, radio, internet, newspapers.

July 17, 2008 8:17 PM  

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