Saturday, March 11, 2006

Democrats Perceived Superiority

To watch the smugness and self righteousness of some democrats can be infuriating at times. Here is what democrat "journalist" Gene Weingarten from the Washington Post has to say about Conservatives.

I think it is easier to be a conservative. You do not have to think as much, beause issues are more black and white. That delivers a sense of general contentment, because the world seems more orderly.

I think there are very intelligent, deep-thinking conservatives, but I also think it is easier for a dumb, incurious, narrowminded person to be a conservative than to be a liberal.

This is the height of intellectual laziness by Mr. Weingarten. What does it take to be a liberal? There is only one prerequistite, to blame America. Who's to blame for 9-11? America. Who's to blame for poverty in the third world? America. Who's to blame for high gas prices? America. Who's fault is it that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons? America. Gene, tell me how "dumb, incurious, and narrowminded" is it to blame America for everything?

You have to wonder if these far left wing pointy headed "intellectuals" actually believe the tripe that comes out of their mouths.


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