Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Who's Side Are They On

Once again the democrat run media not only lies but outright propagandizes for the perpetrators of 9-11. One of the few independent journalists Jack Kelly has it exactly right. Comparing what the Washington Post says and the facts on the ground are not only different they are worlds apart.

The Washington Post reported on Feb. 25 that 120 Sunni mosques had been attacked in retaliation for the destruction of the Golden Mosque, holy to the Shiites. In a March 3 news conference, Gen. George Casey, commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, said:

"We can confirm attacks on about 30 mosques around the country, with less than 10 of those mosques moderately damaged, and only two or three severely damaged. We visited eight mosques (in Baghdad) that were reportedly damaged. We found one broken window in those eight mosques."

How could the media get it so wrong? Who are the only ones who want a civil war in Iraq? Who benefits when the Washington Post lies? Al Qaeda does, that's who. What drives these democrats to help those who slaughtered 3000 innocent Americans on 9-11? Are they ideological soulmates? Is it an incurable case of Bush Derangement Syndrome? Is it an irrational hatred of the United States?

Jack Kelly sums it up well:

There is sectarian violence in Iraq -- as there is in India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Northern Ireland -- but no civil war....

There is no civil war in Iraq, but al-Qaida would dearly love to provoke one. Knowledge of that fact should make journalists more careful about separating rumor from fact. But many apparently have chosen instead to act as the propaganda arm of our enemies.

Hat tip: Newsbusters


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack Kelley's reports should appear in more major (most often read) magazines and newspapers). We need more honest reporting but that's difficult to find. Many so-called "journalists" report news the way they want it to be, not reality. Jane

March 14, 2006 8:53 AM  

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