Friday, April 28, 2006

Duke Rape Case Update

Looks like it's getting worse for the prosecution. Like I've said from the beginning there is no doubt in my mind these guys are innocent of rape.

The woman who says she was raped by three members of Duke's lacrosse team also told police 10 years ago she was raped by three men, filing a 1996 complaint claiming she had been assaulted three years earlier when she was 14.

Authorities in nearby Creedmoor said Thursday that none of the men named in the decade-old report was ever charged but they didn't have details why.

Even though the district attorney is a democrat he should see that this case is a loser. You can only pander for votes so long. But my guess is he'll ruin these students reputation for as many African American votes as he can get , then he'll drop the case. Unfortunately for the students their lives will never be the same.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The D.A. does not care who gets hurt just so long as he gets votes and re-elected. I hope he is not elected to office again. No city or county deserves this type of ineptness. Lee

May 04, 2006 6:47 PM  

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