Saturday, June 17, 2006

This Just Pisses Me Off

Maybe it's because I just lost my dog but this isn't right.

It wasn't until I got quite emotional that the humane society decided to look at more photos to see if it really was her. It was. Ally was alive and well and we wanted her back. I was told it would be up to the new owners if they would be willing and compassionate to give Ally back. They weren't. They had her for a few days and we had had her for almost seven years and we could not have her back. It was explained to me that by law, if someone has an animal for four days, it is legally theirs - regardless of who owned the animal prior to that. I didn't understand why we couldn't have her back since we had contacted the humane society on day three.

The new "owners" should be mocked, shunned, and embarrassed beyond anything they've ever experienced day in and day out until they give the cat back!


Anonymous Jane said...

The new owners are selfish, inconsiderate, and hateful. Anyone with a brain knows that when someone owns an animal for years, they are as attahced to the animal as if it were a person. Many cats and dogs are as much a part of a family as if they were human. They love unconditionally and receive love in return by the caretakers of years past. Hopefully the new "owners" will relent and do what they should - return the cat. This is enough to make an individual take matters into their own hands. If they would only stop to think how the original long-term owners might feel perhaps they would do what is right and return the cat. Oh, I pray that they reconsider.

June 17, 2006 10:55 AM  

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