Monday, July 10, 2006

Looks Like The Democrat In My Previous Post Is Also A Liar!

Chas Chiodo claimed he was an Afghanistan and Iraqi Vet but in this article he claims to be a Vietnam Vet.

I'm a combat veteran of the Vietnam War, and when I was "in country"

Gee, I wonder how man 60 year olds are on the front lines in Iraq? Not only is this democrat a liar he's also a kook. Check this out.

Peace Begins in the Kitchen......Go Vegan!! A

He's also a vegatarian nazi. Oh, it gets better. He's also anti-circus.

The protest’s organizer, Chas Chiodo, said the circus animals are practically slaves, chained and caged all the time. He said the circus’s argument that these animals live longer in captivity is weak.

If that wasn't enough he also believes the lives of alligators are more sacred than that of children.

Once again, the wildlife has to suffer and die because of human ignorance,
stupidity or risk taking. Last week seven alligators were slaughtered
because some kid wanted to swim in an area where there are alligators. Why
they had to kill one, let alone seven is beyond comprehension.

Always remember that kooks like this are taken seriously by democrat news agencies like the New York Times, abc,nbc,cbs,cnn, etc.... A little digging and you can find out all kinds of things about these America hating democrats.


Anonymous Lee said...

The idiot, Chas Chiodo, is stupid, ignorant, hates children, loves violence, is self-serving, dumb as a box of rocks. This creature should never be allowed to be in the human race. He's more savage than a wild animal. Wish he would go live with the aligators - that's where he belongs. Maybe he sill go swim with the aligators and disappear. What a good thought! Many of us would like to help him if he decides to swim.

July 10, 2006 7:08 PM  

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