Thursday, July 20, 2006

No More Skyscrapers?

Not if it was up to democrat "journalist" Derrick Jackson from the New York Times owned Boston Globe. You've got to be thinking why not? Well according to Mr. Jackson they would be targets for terrorists.

Here in Boston, Menino said in February that a four-digit skyscraper would be ``a stunning statement of our belief in Boston's bright future." He said it would ``symbolize the full scope of this city's greatness."

Similar to America's insistence on driving sport utility vehicles after 9/11 -- that is, until gasoline prices began chipping away at the cachet of driving a dinosaur -- it seems that our leaders and city planners have done little internal searching after 9/11 about what gives a city its soul. Terrorists knock our tallest buildings down, and we plan to stick even taller ones back up in brazen machismo. Greatness remains shallowly equated with the brawn of brick and steel.

Oh yeah, he also claims we can't build scyscrapers because some people don't have health care. No, I'm not kidding, read the whole article. Obviously this spineless coward doesn't realize that those big bad buildings will employ thousands of people and I bet some of those employers will provide health care too.

Hat tip: Newsbusters


Anonymous Lee said...

Derrick Johnson, with all his so-called knowledge is not an architect.

July 22, 2006 7:38 AM  

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