Monday, January 08, 2007

Democrat Contends That Iran Should Attack Israel And The United States

Nothing democrats say anymore surprises me but to wish the U.S. and Israel get attacked with nuclear weapons is pretty strange even for them.

let’s for a moment accept that the U.S.’ and Israel’s claims that the use of force against Iran is justified are accurate. In other words, that the threat posed by Iran to Israel and United States satisfies the conditions required to justify preemptive use of force. The point of the thought experiment is this: if we accept such a ludicrous standard governing the use of force, we cannot help but conclude that Iran has a right to send planes to bomb Jerusalem and Washington tomorrow.

This takes moral relativism to a whole new level.

Can we question their patriotism yet?

Hat tip: Little green footballs


Anonymous Jane said...

Yes, I question their patriotism. Anyone who loves his/her country does not make such remarks that would take innocent lives on our own soil. The democrats cannot fully understand the import of their statements. Or maybe they are ready, willing and cannot wait to be bombed. This is enough to send chills up the spines of sane individuals.

January 08, 2007 7:38 PM  
Anonymous Blake said...

The guys over at Daily Kos never have had their head on straight. I've read so many of their downright lies it's pathetic. Now they want to see our country attacked, do the dumbasses think they will escape unscathed if it actually happens. What a crock of sh*t they are.

January 11, 2007 8:35 PM  

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