Friday, June 30, 2006

On Fire

Ann Coulter nails it with her latest article.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nancy Pelosi Proud To Support Al Qaeda's Rights

The democrat party is imploding before our eyes. In an official release by democrat House Minority Leader Ms. Pelosi had this to say.

WASHINGTON, June 29 /U.S. Newswire/ -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today following the United States Supreme Court decision that trying Guantanamo detainees before military commissions violates U.S. law and the Geneva Conventions:

"Today's Supreme Court decision reaffirms the American ideal that all are entitled to the basic guarantees of our justice system. This is a triumph for the rule of law.

"The rights of due process are among our most cherished liberties, and today's decision is a rebuke of the Bush Administration's detainee policies and a reminder of our responsibility to protect both the American people and our Constitutional rights. We cannot allow the values on which our country was founded to become a casualty in the war on terrorism."

There you have it, democrats want Osama bin Laden to have the same rights as any U.S. citizen. Is this not unbelieveable? This definately makes the differences pretty clear for the upcoming election in November. You can either vote for the party that will protect America or vote for the party that worries about the rights of terrorists.

Hat tip: Hot Air

Useless Fact Of The Day

I got a little tired of the "Dumb Headline Of The Day" so I thought I'd give you a completely useless fact.

An ant can live underwater for over 14 days.

Unbelieveable Democrat Stupidity

The democrat run Huffington blog is usually good for a few laughs but this guy is forgetting something, something pretty important. Here is his "reason" why we start wars whereas Europe doesn't.

Perhaps the reason Americans seem so comfortable about bombing and invading little countries around the world is that the United States, unlike Europe, has never experienced "collateral damage". If we had ever been bombed and invaded ourselves, had our infrastructure demolished, been subject to foreign soldiers breaking into our homes at night, seen our children slaughtered and our houses destroyed, we would be, I suspect, less gung-ho about war and less cavalier about inflicting these horrors on other people.

I guess it is true, democrats have completely forgotten about 9-11. God help us all if they regain power!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Way Too Much Information

And on top of that he lied. Or at least I hope he did. Joe Biden when he spoke about running for president:

Speaking to a group of 130 twenty- and thirty-something supporters of his leadership PAC last Thursday, Biden indicated that while he thinks he could be an effective chief executive, as far as the job itself goes, he could take it or leave it.

“I’d rather be at home making love to my wife while my children are asleep,” he said.

Um......Joe Biden's youngest child is 25!

For Your Amusement

Here is "Kos" himself. What an effeminate little twerp!

More Democrats "Supporting" Our Troops

How much does one have to hate their country for those magnets on cars to be so upsetting?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Dumb Headline Of The Day

Newspaper questions man executed in 1983 slaying

I bet he didn't say much considering he's been dead for 23 years.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hell Yeah!

Who Presents The Greatest Danger To The World?

Could it be that little madman with nuclear weapons in North Korea? Or how about the Islamofascists in Iran seeking nuclear weapons? If you picked either of those you'd be wrong, at least in democrat congressmans Jack Murtha's mind.

Murtha says U.S. poses top threat to world peace

MIAMI — American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said to an audience of more than 200 in North Miami Saturday afternoon.

Murtha was the guest speaker at a town hall meeting organized by Rep. Kendrick B. Meek, D-Miami, at Florida International University's Biscayne Bay Campus. Meek's mother, former Rep. Carrie Meek, D-Miami, was also on the panel.

Well there you go. Our brave men and women in uniform trying to protect us from further attacks are the greatest danger to the world. The vicious hatred democrats have for our country and our military is a psychosis.

Can we question their patriotism yet?

Hat tip: Little green footballs

Democrats Openly Support Terrorists

Don't believe me? Check this out.

More Treason From The New York Times

Isn't it time Bill Keller, the editor of the New York Times changes his name to Abu Musab al-Keller? Another day another classified secret released by the Treasonous Times.

WASHINGTON, June 24 — The top American commander in Iraq has drafted a plan that projects sharp reductions in the United States military presence there by the end of 2007, with the first cuts coming this September, American officials say.

According to a classified briefing at the Pentagon this week by the commander, Gen. George W. Casey Jr., the number of American combat brigades in Iraq is projected to decrease to 5 or 6 from the current level of 14 by December 2007.

The Justice Department better get to it and begin arresting the leakers for treason and the "journalists" for espionage. The Times is going to get us killed!

Terrorists Are As American As Apple Pie?

Yep, according to the democrat run Washington Post. In fact this very headline says it all.

Al-Jazeera, as American as Apple Pie

In a country's hinterlands, a distant region seldom visited by outsiders, a television crew investigates why so many residents are fleeing the area. When local officials catch wind of the crew's presence, they begin interrogating people the journalists interviewed, and pressure others not to talk.

That's where a team of reporters I supervise went to shoot a story about the Great Plains emptying out. When the sheriff of Crosby, a town near the Canadian border, heard about it, he contacted the U.S. Border Patrol. An agent soon showed up at the local newspaper, asking for the journalists' names. Other agents asked whether they "seemed like U.S. citizens."

The journalists are Peggy Holter, Josh Rushing and Mark Teboe. They are all experienced reporters, and they are all U.S. citizens. So what was it that raised officials' antennae?

The channel they work for: al-Jazeera.

Apparenty the Washington Post forgot about the 7 AMERICANS just arrested for plotting to blow up the Sears Tower. Peggy Holter, Josh Rushing, and Mark Teboe may not be "terrorists" but there is absolutely no question they are terrorist enablers. If you're going to work for the newspaper that al Qaeda uses to show the beheadings of Americans you deserve all the scrutiny that comes your way.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Democrat Hatred Turns To Insanity

We've all heard about the 7 terrorists arrested in Florida. According to democrats the arrests are because of racism. Yep, you heard that right, since the terrorists are black democrats demand that they be able to blow up the Sears Tower. God help us all if these wackos regain power!


At the New York Times (again) While Paterico won't go that far, I will, Ann Coulter was right. Timothy McVeigh should have bombed the New York Times building instead of the Murah building in Oklahoma City. Something has to be done to these al Qaeda supporters in the press!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Unbelieveable Moral Equivalence

I found this cartoon through Little green footballs. This on the same day that we found out that those two brave soldiers that were killed were mutilated in a way never seen before. They had their hearts cut out, their eyes gouged out, their testicles cut off, and their penis' cut off and shoved into their mouths.

You see, to democrats it is exactly the same when an American interrogator yells at a prisoner and when a terrorist cuts off the penis of an American soldier and shoves it in his mouth. Not only are the terrorsts savages but so are the democrats that support them.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

They're At It Again

Now it's "Kos" himself. You're not going to believe this. Check out this title in the "midday open thread."

"Barbaric torture". There's a reason the Geneva Conventions exist. We've lost the moral high ground. What a fucking waste of a war.

Believe it or not he's talking about the United States having lost the "moral high ground." This right after the terrorists mutilated and beheaded two soldiers. This piece of shit democrat actually believes WE are morally inferior to the terrorists! When will this motherfucker go over to Iraq and join up with al Qaeda? Talk about a "chickenhawk." Come on you democrats, don't be spineless cowards, join your heroes. I usually don't swear but this is truly disgusting! At least there is no longer any question to which side democrats are rooting to win.

Once again, hat tip: Little green footballs

What I Thought Was Impossible Has Indeed Happened

I honestly didn't believe that democrats could sink any lower. I was wrong! We've all heard of those two American soldiers who were kidnapped and killed, well, I guess there is some evidence they were beheaded. So, what do democrats think of all this? Just check out this headline over at Daily Kos.

So our boys were tortured - how quaint

I don't have the stomach to copy and paste any of this democrats vile and vicious hatred of the United States but you can read it by clicking on the link. I just can't imagine using the death of two brave soldiers who were tortured and beheaded as propaganda against our very own government.

Can we question their patriotism yet?

Hat tip: Little grenn footballs

Monday, June 19, 2006

Dumb Headline Of The Day

Kirby: Machine gun, cell phone, car a bad mix

This guy Kirby got paid to say that?


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bringing Back Memories

This made me bust out laughing. Like Ace, I remember these women in college too. My reaction was identical but unfortunately I can't write like he does.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Member Of The Family

Everyone, meet Raven. She's an 11 week old lab/boxer mix. No pet will ever replace Imus in my heart but I know that he would want me to love another dog the way I loved him. I picked her up at the Union County Animal Shelter earlier today.

I'll post a better picture as soon as she slows down enough for me. :)

This Just Pisses Me Off

Maybe it's because I just lost my dog but this isn't right.

It wasn't until I got quite emotional that the humane society decided to look at more photos to see if it really was her. It was. Ally was alive and well and we wanted her back. I was told it would be up to the new owners if they would be willing and compassionate to give Ally back. They weren't. They had her for a few days and we had had her for almost seven years and we could not have her back. It was explained to me that by law, if someone has an animal for four days, it is legally theirs - regardless of who owned the animal prior to that. I didn't understand why we couldn't have her back since we had contacted the humane society on day three.

The new "owners" should be mocked, shunned, and embarrassed beyond anything they've ever experienced day in and day out until they give the cat back!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Are Democrats Working For Al Qaeda?

After reading this I would have to seriously believe that they are.

Incomprehensibly, there are reports that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has decided to oust fellow Rep. Jane Harman of California in January as the top Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Mrs. Pelosi intends to replace Mrs. Harman in her Intelligence Committee leadership role with Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida, who, depending upon which party achieves majority status, would either become chairman of the House intelligence panel or its ranking member. Either result would be appalling.

Arguably the least impressive member of the House, Mr. Hastings would become one of only several members of Congress who are statutorily designated to receive the most sensitive intelligence briefings involving the nation's most classified national security secrets.

Mr. Hastings' past should disqualify him from such a position of trust. At the recommendation of a special investigative committee of the federal judiciary, which had concluded that Mr. Hastings, then a U.S. District Court judge, had lied and fabricated evidence to win an acquittal on bribery charges in 1983, the Democrat-controlled House voted 413 to 3 in 1988 to impeach him. Several of the 17 impeachment counts, reported Congressional Quarterly, "alleged that Hastings committed acts of perjury during his 1983 trial." Keeping in mind that Mr. Hastings would be told the most sensitive intelligence secrets, consider the fact that another impeachment count approved by the House "alleged that Hastings leaked information about a wiretap he was supervising and thereby forced a halt to an extensive federal undercover operation in the Miami area in 1985." In 1989, a Democratic-controlled Senate convicted Judge Hastings of accepting a $150,000 bribe in 1981 in exchange for a lenient sentence and committing numerous acts of perjury at his own trial. Once he was booted off the federal court, voters in southern Florida elected him to Congress, after which Mrs. Pelosi -- the quintessential San Francisco Democrat -- appointed him to the House Intelligence Committee.

What possible reason would the democrats have to put this convicted felon on the intelligence committee? The only motive I can see is to have this anti-American funnel our top secrets to al Qaeda. This should scare the hell out of every least those who have an ounce of patriotism.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Terrorist Writing For The NewYork Times

I'm not kidding an actual terrorist is now writing for the Times. Nothing much could shock me when it comes to the democrat run media but this one sure did!

I WAS released from the United States military's prison camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, in July 2004. As I was about to board a plane that would take me home to France, the last detainee I saw was a young Yemeni. He was overwhelmed by emotion.

"In your country, Mourad, there are rights, human rights, and they mean something," he said. "In mine they mean nothing, and no one cares. So when you're free, don't forget what you've been through. Tell people that we are here."

I have one word for this......BULLSHIT! Maybe the democrats believe this enemy propaganda (well, of course they do, they too are the enemy) but every single clear thinking individual knows exactly what this crap is!

In the early summer of 2001, when I was 19, I made the mistake of listening to my older brother and going to Afghanistan on what I thought was a dream vacation. His friends, he said, were going to look after me. They did — channeling me to what turned out to be a Qaeda training camp. For two months, I was there, trapped in the middle of the desert by fear and my own stupidity.

Oh yeah, a dream vacation in Afghanistan. Just like Hawaii or Paris right? For some reason I don't think of rocks, dirt, and inaccessable caves as a "dream vacation." When I think of a vacation spot it usually doesn't include places where people are slaughtered for listening to music or watching television. The only reason to go to Afghanistan between 1980 and 2002 was to wage war since that's all they've been doing there during those years.

Bill Clinton bombed media outlets in Kosovo who were spreading enemy propaganda, I wonder if it's not appropriate to do the same with the New York Times building?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Flag Day

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Little Late To The Party

Right before Imus died I had collected articles and statements from democrats as diverse as the Kos Kids to the mainstream media and their reaction to Zarqawi's death. Not suprisingly democrats are none too happy the terrorist was killed. You can read the truly nutty dems here, here, and here.

While you expect that from the nuts on the left of the democrat party what's disturbing is how the "objective" mainstream media reacts to Zarqawi's death. You can read those here, here, here, here, and here.

Now for the two most biased anti-American, anti-military stories you'll ever read from the so called mainstream media. This one is nausiating.

an Iraqi man raised fresh questions, telling Associated Press Television News that he saw U.S. soldiers beating an injured man resembling al-Zarqawi until blood flowed from his nose.

The Iraqi, identified only as Mohammed, said he lives near the house where al-Zarqawi was killed. He said residents put a bearded man in an ambulance before U.S. forces arrived.

"When the Americans arrived they took him out of the ambulance, they beat him on his stomach and wrapped his head with his dishdasha, then they stomped on his stomach and his chest until he died and blood came out of his nose," Mohammed said, without saying how he knew the man was dead.

No other witnesses have come forward to corroborate the account. U.S. officials have only said al-Zarqawi mumbled and tried to roll off a stretcher before dying.

The democrat run AP will report anything that smears our fine men and women in uniform. This isn't even a story, it's a rumor. Since that's the case, I heard from my third cousin twice removed that his neighbors ex-wifes sister saw 3 AP "journalists" having sex with goats. It's just a rumor but it has to be true!

If you think that's bad just check out this from the democrat run Baltimore Sun.

As happened with the capture of Saddam Hussein and the "shock and awe" bombing of Baghdad, some American news organizations yesterday covered the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi with marked enthusiasm, verging on inappropriate glee.

Perhaps the tone was set by the cheering and sustained applause by Iraqis at the Baghdad news conference announcing al-Zarqawi's death. But American television didn't have to follow that gung-ho lead to the extent that some channels did throughout the day.

Um.......I know I say this a lot but I think it's especially appropriate here. CAN WE QUESTION THEIR PATRIOTISM YET?

Saturday, June 10, 2006


June 12th 2002 to June 10th 2006

Imus died at home tonight surrounded by both me and my mother. He may have only lived 4 years but his presence will be felt for the rest of my life. When I got Imus my life was spiraling out of control but having him to take care of turned me around.

He was the happiest dog I have ever seen and he never wanted for any love.

Goodbye Imus you'll be missed.

For some reason the picture of Imus doesn't show up on my computer. If you click on the tiny square right above the dates of his birth and death a picture of him will pop up.

Light Posting

The reason I haven't posted much (other than Blogspot being down) is that my dog has been very sick. He's spent the last two nights at the animal hospital. I'm hoping to pick him up today. I'll be back to bashing liberals in no time.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

How Do The Democrat Leaders Feel About The Death Of Zarqawi?

After attempting to be happy the truth comes out

Some Democrats, breaking ranks from their leadership, today said the death of terrorist leader Abu Musab Zarqawi in Iraq was a stunt to divert attention from an unpopular and hopeless war.

"This is just to cover Bush's [rear] so he doesn't have to answer" for Iraqi civilians being killed by the U.S. military and his own sagging poll numbers, said Rep. Pete Stark, California Democrat. "Iraq is still a mess -- get out."

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, Ohio Democrat, said Zarqawi was a small part of "a growing anti-American insurgency" and that it's time to get out.

Is there any doubt democrats are rooting for the enemy? I have collected many other statements by democrats but most other sites already posted them. I may do it anyway either later tonight or tomorrow.

Down Again

I had so much to post but Blogger was down again all day. It's all pretty much old news now. Hopefully it's fixed for good this time.

Blogspot Down

I haven't been able to post for some time because the server has been down. Hopefully all the problems are fixed. Since blogspot is free I guess you get what you pay for.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Here's The Proof

On video of Ms Busby advocating illegal aliens vote for her. What's next? A meeting at the cemetary to sign up the deceased? In case you didn't know, Ms Busby is a democrat.

Let's Not Forget

While we're having fun with today being 6-06-06 (the sign of the devil) let's not forget that June 6th is also the anniversary of D-day. The storming of the beach at Normandy produced 209,000 allied casualties, 6,603 fallen American soldiers.

While people are talking about the devil, "The Omen," a full moon, the antichrist, and so on I'll be remembering our brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for freedom on June 6th 1944.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dumb Headline Of The Day

Sex late in pregnancy doesn't hasten birth

I'm not even sure what that's supposed to mean?

Psycho Rant

Charlotte is only about 10-15 miles from where I live. If this guy is any indication of the kind of people who live here we're all in trouble! This video is one of the funniest things I've seen a long time!

What A Great Idea

"Global warming" beach parties. Sometimes making fun of democrats in general and Al Gore in particular is too easy.

Woman Blames Bush For Her Abortion

No, he didn't get her knocked up but that didn't seem to matter to this woman who's obviously unstable. But for some reason the Washington Post let her pontificate about why it's all Bush's fault.

The conservative politics of the Bush administration forced me to have an abortion I didn't want.

I am a 42-year-old happily married mother of two elementary-schoolers. My husband and I both work, and like many couples, we're starved for time together. One Thursday evening this past March, we managed to snag some rare couple time and, in a sudden rush of passion, I failed to insert my diaphragm.

But I feel that this administration gave me practically no choice but to have an unwanted abortion because the way it has politicized religion made it well-nigh impossible for me to get emergency contraception that would have prevented the pregnancy in the first place.

The rest of this article is about something called "plan B" which is nothing but a bunch of nonsense. Does anyone wonder why democrats refuse to accept personal responsibility for their own actions? The woman admits to forgetting to "insert her diaphragm." I suppose that's George W Bush's fault too eh?

This self serving pompous bitch disgusts me. She says she had an "unwanted abortion." Then why didn't you have the baby you cold callous witch? While you cry and whine like some self rightous faux intellectual there are countless people out there who would give up every thing they have if they could have a child. Typical democrat though, just thinking of themselves. Never mind that the child had no choice, it's all about her.

Hat tip: BFB

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Democrats New Strategy To Win Elections

Well, it's not exactly new but at least now they admit to it. And now we know for sure why democrats, who cry voter fraud everytime they lose an election are against the only way to insure intregrity in the election process by showing proof of who you are.

If an election can turn on a sentence, this could be the one: “You don't need papers for voting.”

On Thursday night, Francine Busby, the Democratic candidate for the 50th Congressional District, was speaking before a largely Latino crowd in Escondido when she uttered those words.

There you have it folks. Admitting that she wants to get all the illegal aliens to vote for her. Never mind that it's illegal for them to vote. What's next? Getting volunteers to scour the cemetaries for "new" voters? It wouldn't surprise me.

Liberalism is not a political ideology it's a mental disorder!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Democrat Publicly Threatens To Kill The President Of The United States

On top of that it was at a college commencement ceremony.

NEW YORK -- State Comptroller Alan Hevesi publicly apologized Thursday for a "beyond dumb" remark about "putting a bullet between the president's eyes."

Hevesi hastily called a mea culpa press conference hours after putting his foot in his mouth at the Queens College commencement.

I hope the secret service has picked this radical and violent democrat up for a talk. Once again this shows what Bush Derangement Syndrome can do to someone if gone untreated.

One has to wonder what has turned democrats violent? Is it the fact the economy is roaring? Is it the fact we haven't been attacked since 9-11? I think the term "democrat party" should stand for a mental disease rather than a political party.

By the way do you think this extremist is sorry for saying he wanted to kill the president or is he sorry because he got caught?

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

Media Bias On Steroids Part 2

The unmitigated gall of the democrat run media is stunning. Check out this picture from AP. Here is the caption:

Clutching his hands to his heart, Senate Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, center, calls for lawmakers, and especially Republicans, to clean up the tainted relationship between lawmakers and lobbyists a

This is the same Harry Reid that refuses to give up the $68,000 in bribe money he received from LOBBYIST Jack Abramoff.

Did I also mention that democrat Harry Reid accepted free boxing tickets valued in the thousands of dollars as a bribe from the boxing commission in Nevada?

It's amazing that the most corrupt member of the Senate "calls for lawmakers, and especially Republicans to clean up the tainted relationship between lamakers and lobbyists." Pot meet kettle. Of course the corrupt democrat run media just eats this up as if Reid is as pure as the driven snow. DISGUSTING!!

Dumb Headline Of The Day

Intruder shot after breaking into Boring woman's home

How "boring" could it be if he got shot? (Ok, it was "Boring" Oregon but the headline still made me laugh)